Pangaea: The Musical

Book & Lyrics by Lee Summers
Music by Janet Noh
Story by Janet Noh and Lee Summers

A bold absurdist tale about a family of continents who break apart and try to reunite. How does a divided world put itself back together? The music: the best way to describe it is a contemporary musical theatre score that's heavily inflected by pop/R&B, classical, and world music (because well it's Pangaea).

PANGAEA is currently being developed at BCTR, an organization dedicated to showing the faces and telling the stories that reflect the diversity of today's world. Development productions for Pangaea take place in September 2017.

Marymount Manhattan College will be doing a production of Pangaea for their spring semester Festival Showcase in 2018.

Sample Demos

Finally Asia, Finally Africa


Famous Asian Girl

Waters of LIfe

BCTR Workshop Rehearsals

Wind Sings My Song

Finally Asia

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